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Calculating Amt



ASTM E-84 Fire Rated Foam Prices on this site are in U.S. Dollars. Order here and save!


Our FAQ page is full of helpful tips and hints for getting the most out of your foam insulation kit.
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Insulating with foam board leaves cracks and

gaps that must be sealed to maintain the

integrity of the the insulation blanket.


Fomo Foam 2 component kits are perfect for 

this job. Cures completely in 60-90 seconds

and can be easily trimmed and painted. Of

course, if you use the fan spray nozzles that

are included in the kit, you won't need to trim.


TIP: High density Low Pressure Polyurethane foams are

most easily trimmed with medium grade

sandpaper on a rotating drill. Cuts like butter

with the drill. Much better than cutters or 

hack saw blades.

Stuffing fiberglass in this area of the basement is worse than ineffective. A 1" coating all around the basement wall cap will prevent air infiltration and excess moisture buildup.

In existing homes, a small kit will make a big difference!




Feel free to give us a call at 800.339.3531 if you have 

any questions or need support. If you aren't happy, 

we aren't happy! We want you to be proud of our products results  

and your LOW utility bills and tell others about our product. 


Have a well-insulated day!


Safety: Fomofoam.com's products are designed with safety for the customer in mind. Hazards are minimized for transportation, end-use, and disposal. Fomofoam has been recognized on numerous occasions for a safe work environment.


Pricing and Ordering Information


Material Safety Data Sheets, Tech Sheets and Instructions

Item#  -  Size      

MSDS Tech Data Instructions Price/Buy
HF105 - II-105



105 Tech Data Sheet Operating Instructions


HF205 - II-205



205 Tech Data Sheet Operating Instructions


HF605 - II-605




605 Tech Data Sheet Operating Instructions


E-84 Fire Rated:

HF605FR - II-605 FR


HF205FR - II-205 FR

A-Side  B-Side E-84 Tech Data Sheet Operating Instructions



HF100SR II-100 SR A-Side  B-Side II-100 (SR) Tech Sheet Operating Instructions


HF200SR II-200 SR A-Side  B-Side II-200 (SR) Tech Sheet Operating Instructions


HF600SR II-600 SR


A-Side  B-Side II-600 (SR) Tech Sheet Operating Instructions


2.5 Pound Density Roofing Foam (or other very dense foam applications)

HF145 II-145 2.5



II-145 Tech Data Sheet Operating Instructions


HF425 II-425 2.5




II-425 Tech Data Sheet Operating Instructions


  • The numbers after the II - corresponds to board foot yield 

  • A board foot is 12" x 12"x 1" (like a floor tile 1 inch thick)

  • Example: The II-605 Kit covers 605 square feet 1" thick

  • FR = E-84 Fire Rated - SR= Slow Rise 

  • The regular foam has fire retardant in it and is suitable for and approved for use as a structural insulation. The E-84 rated is for applications where code requires exposed foam meet a stricter fire rating, such as a metal building where the foam won't be covered with drywall, or around heat producing devices.

  • The 600 SR kit comes with 8 cones spray nozzles and the other sizes and formulas come with 5 cone and 3 fan tips.

  • The expansion ratio of this foam is 8:1. Density is 1.75 pounds per cubic foot except for the roofing foam, which is 2.5 pounds per cubic foot density.

  • All kits come complete with hoses, gun and the tanks are pressurized. There is no need for additional equipment and they are disposable after use.

  • The SR, FR & 2.5 pound density formulas may require a 10 day lead time, depending on quantity ordered and production load.

  • Click the BUY NOW Link under the price for each kit. You can then change the quantity in the cart.

  • Click here for pallet pricing

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Polyurethane FoamSpray Foam Insulation Kits

Pallet Pricing is available. Call 800.339.3531 Option 1

600 and 605 bd. ft. kits are shipped 9 units per pallet.

100, 105, 205 & 200 bd. ft. kits are shipped 26 units per pallet.

A Board Foot for calculating this product is 12"x12"x1"


To order by phone call 800.339.3531

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