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Our FAQ page is full of helpful tips and hints for getting the most out of your foam insulation kit.

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  • Insulating Existing Walls (closed cavities)
  • Crawlspaces
  • Additions
  • Porches and overhangs


Insulating Existing Walls (closed cavities)

(Thermal and/or Sound Insulation)

Fomo Foam has developed a Slow Rise formula that uses the patented Handi-Gun to pour insulation into closed cavities through a half-inch hole. This procedure is simple and safe with FOMO Foam's slow rise (SR) formula.

The SR formula has a delayed foaming agent, permitting the liquids to gravity feed to the bottom of a cell and then start to rise and slowly fill without the pressure of fast rising foams. It's designed specifically NOT to blow your drywall off the wall!

If you have an older home that is in good shape, but there just isn't ANY insulation in the walls, you can fill all of your outside walls with the slow rise product. It's a bit expensive to do all at once, but who said you have to do it all at once? One II-600 (SR) board foot kit will fill approximately 200 square feet of wall space, just measuring your walls from the inside and discounting for the 2x4 studs. The more studs you have, the more coverage you'll get, of course. That also takes into account average window surface. Again, the more windows you have the less foam you'll need. But, 200 sq. ft. is a good average.

If you have NO INSULATION, like a lot of folks do who live in homes older than 20 years, you can reasonably expect to cut your heating and cooling bill in half, at least. It doesn't take much figuring to figure this just makes sense. 

It's common for a big, old two story house to cost $400+ a month to heat. If you saved half of that each month, you'd pay for a kit every 3 months. If it took even 10 kits, they'd pay for themselves in less than 3 years! Then  you'd just be pocketing the extra couple of hundred a month.

Even better, say you have 1200 square feet total outside walls to insulate. That would cost you about $3,600. If you got a loan from the bank for $3,600 - your payment would be about $85 a month. Now, every time that $85 a month was due, so would be your utility bills. If you saved $200 on utility bills every month and paid $85 of it to the loan, you'd be ahead $115 each month or $1,380 a year! Just by using the banks money and your own labor.

The Handifoam SR formula is a sure fit that you can do in your own time. Drafty, cold and expensive to heat and cool old houses don't need to be that way.

It just makes $en$e.

If you have SOME batt insulation in the walls and it's OLD and Thin and you want to use Slow Rise formulated FOMO FOAM, you can. You just need to use the "Tube Method" of installation. Just go to a hardware or supply store and purchase inexpensive 1/2" I.D. (Internal Diameter) clear plastic, flexible tubing. It comes in 10' to 50' rolls and is similar to the tubing used in fish aquariums and the like.

Cut 2 to 3 foot sections of the 1/2" I.D. (Internal Diameter) tubing. One end will slip neatly over the spray tip on the FOMO Handi-Gun? that is included with your kit, and you can use it to feed into the cavities through the 3/4" holes you would drill in the FULL PROCEDURE as outlined in the Soundproofing section of this site. 



It is especially common in older homes that there is no insulation at all in the wall where the porch connects to the house. One hole in each cell & enough SR to reach the top of the roof will solve that problem!

Relevant Mr. Foam Inquiry:


Hello Mr. Foam, my question is: I own a home that was built in 1968 and has little to no insulation in the wall.  Could you supply me with a math formula to calculate how much product I should purchase?  An example of what I want to insulate is an existing wall that is approximately 8ft tall by 14ft wide.  The studs are 16" on center.  From the "Existing Homes" page it appears that I should order the "Slow rise" formula.  Is that correct?  Thank you for your help!!

Hello Rob,

Yes, the SR formula is the right formula. On the website under ?Soundproofing? is more info on the actual application. Calculations are simple enough once you understand that the product numbers (II-100, II-200 & II-600 SR) correspond to board foot (12?x 12? x 1?) coverage, i.e. II-100 yields 100 board feet, II-200 yields 200 board feet and II-600 yields 600 board feet.

If you have an 8"x 14" foot wall to drill and fill, multiply 8x14 to get the total square footage (in this case = 112 sq. ft.) subtract any doors or windows and multiply times the depth of the cavity. If we assume you have 3.5" 2x4s (most aren't TRUE 2x4s, but actually 2"x 3.5"s) and there are no windows or doors, you would multiply 112 times 3.5 which equals 392 board feet.

To fill the 8" x 14" foot wall above, you would need 2 of the II-200 kits. This product is significantly less expensive in the II-600 kit. For example, 2 of the II-200 kits will cost $577.80 whereas one II-600 kit (30% more coverage) only costs $695.00, in effect giving you the third II-200 for $30.85 because it?s all packaged in one kit. One 600 kit is yield equivalent to 3 of the 200 kits.

Your energy savings will be very significant. Any leftover material can be put into a lot of areas that need attention. Sill plates in the basement or crawlspace, for instance, where the basement or crawlspace walls meet the floor where the floor joists lay on the wall.

I hope this answers your questions and wish you a well-insulated day!

Mr. Foam



GOT COLD FLOORS? Finishing or framing out your basement? - Crawl Space Insulation - Under floor and/or directly onto cinder block or concrete walls! Air Barrier and Thermal Insulation in one product!

FOMO Foam II-605 fast rise kits are perfect for insulating up under the floors. Please be sure to wear proper personal protective equipments in all applications. This spray on Low Pressure Polyurethane foam is engineered to stick and can stick to your teeth and facial hair. Wear proper safety protection.

Below is a Thermographic image of a crawlspace that needs to be insulated. The blue parts of the floor are the same temperature as the floor joists that are in the 30 degree crawlspace!

Stuffing fiberglass in this top plate area of the basement is worse than ineffective. A simple 1" coating of FOMO all around the basement wall cap will prevent air infiltration and excess moisture buildup.

In existing homes, a small kit will make a big difference!


Just 1" under the floor in your crawlspace or basement makes an absolutely amazing difference in your comfort and energy savings. It will not fall down like fiberglass batts. Ever. It is practically waterproof, so if you get flooded it will protect your flooring from absorbing water and stop water from coming in through the floor. Insects and critters can't nest in it or chew through it. Your bathroom and kitchen tile floors will be warm in the winter. It'll seal off your wall cavities from air being sucked up into the wall cavities that contain fiberglass.

The spray on fast rise foam formulas are excellent for smaller jobs like an addition to your home or a shed or garage. Both are also available in E-84 Class 1 fire rated formulas.

Feel free to give us a call at 800.339.3531 if you have any questions or need support. If you aren't happy, we aren't happy! We want you to be proud of the results and your LOW utility bills so you can tell others about our product. Have a well-insulated day!


Safety: Fomo's products are designed with safety for the customer in mind. Hazards are minimized for transportation, end-use, and disposal. Fomo has been recognized on numerous occasions for a safe work environment.

Pricing and Ordering Information


Material Safety Data Sheets, Tech Sheets and Instructions

Item#  -  Size      

MSDS Tech Data Instructions Price/Buy
HF105 - II-105



105 Tech Data Sheet Operating Instructions


HF205 - II-205



205 Tech Data Sheet Operating Instructions


HF605 - II-605




605 Tech Data Sheet Operating Instructions


E-84 Fire Rated:

HF605FR - II-605 FR


HF205FR - II-205 FR

A-Side  B-Side E-84 Tech Data Sheet Operating Instructions



HF100SR II-100 SR A-Side  B-Side II-100 (SR) Tech Sheet Operating Instructions


HF200SR II-200 SR A-Side  B-Side II-200 (SR) Tech Sheet Operating Instructions


HF600SR II-600 SR


A-Side  B-Side II-600 (SR) Tech Sheet Operating Instructions


2.5 Pound Density Roofing Foam (or other very dense foam applications)

HF145 II-145 2.5



II-145 Tech Data Sheet Operating Instructions


HF425 II-425 2.5




II-425 Tech Data Sheet Operating Instructions


  • The numbers after the II - corresponds to board foot yield 

  • A board foot is 12" x 12"x 1" (like a floor tile 1 inch thick)

  • Example: The II-605 Kit covers 605 square feet 1" thick

  • FR = E-84 Fire Rated - SR= Slow Rise 

  • The 600 & 605 kits comes multiple nozzle tips, including cone and fan spray pattern tips. You have the option to purchase additional tips in the shopping cart. We include enough for most applications unless you plan to stop and start a lot.

  • The foam expands to a final volume that is more than 3-5 times the dispensed volume, and may be as much as 8 times, depending on various factors such as cavity size, ambient conditions, etc.

  • All kits come complete with hoses, gun and the tanks are pressurized. There is no need for additional equipment and they are disposable after use.

  • The SR, FR & 2.5 pound density formulas may require a 10 day lead time, depending on quantity ordered and production load.

  • Click the BUY NOW Link under the price for each kit. You can then change the quantity in the cart.

  • Click here for pallet pricing

NOTE: If shipping to an address other than the billing address for your credit card, that address must be on file with your credit card company as an approved ship to location. Simply call your credit card company and tell them to add that address to your approved list of ship to addresses.

Polyurethane FoamSpray Foam Insulation Kits



Pallet Pricing is available. Call 800.339.3531 Option 1

600 and 605 bd. ft. kits are shipped 9 units per pallet.

100, 105, 205 & 200 bd. ft. kits are shipped 26 units per pallet.

A Board Foot for calculating this product is 12"x12"x1"


To order by phone call 800.339.3531

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