Handi-Foam polyurethane spray foam insulation kits.
Self contained… Recyclable… Easy to use.


“FINALLY! A low pressure polyurethane foam
insulation kit that works! Guaranteed!”

Top Quality 2 Component disposable low pressure polyurethane foam insulation kits.
All kits come complete, factory assembled, and ready to use.

Handi-Foam Contains NO Penta-BDEs, CFCs, VOCs or Formaldehyde!

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tipThe temperature is falling! REMEMBER: The get the best results from these Foam Insulation kits the TANKS THEMSELVES must be between 75° and 85° F. This does not mean it has to be that warm outside. It means you can spray these kits when it is any temperature inside or outside, you just have to WARM UP THE TANKS! A good rule of thumb is that: “If the tanks are warm to the touch, they are okay to spray”