Q: What is the density of Fomofoam?

A: Unless otherwise stated, the density of FOMO FOAM is 1.75 lbs. per cubic foot.

Q: What is the coverage of the kits?

A: The size of the kit, i.e. II-105, II-605, II-205, is indicative of the board foot coverage or yield for that kit. Thus, a II-605 kit will cover 605 square feet at 1″ thick. A board foot as it relates to this product is a square foot one inch thick. The kit size is be yield of the kit expanded.

CUBIC FEET: conversion to cubic foot yield for these kits is generally a: 600 or 605 = 50 cubic feet, a 200 or 205 yields 16 cubic feet and the 100 and 105 bd ft sizes yield 8 cubic feet of foam. Smaller than 8 cubic foot sizes are available at www.fomofoam.com (window and door low pressure foam and one component (can and gun) foams are also sold there)

Filling liquid tanks with foam for EPA mandates, flotation devices, etc.: to convert gallons to cubic feet, multiply gallons X 0.1337 i.e. a 500 gallon tank would be 500 x 0.1337 = 66.85 cu. ft. to fill this tank (or very close to it) you would need to use the Slow Rise (SR) formula. A II-600 SR is 50 cu. ft. and a II-200 is 16 cubic feet for a total of 66 cu. ft. yield, which should be close enough for government work.

Q: Does FomoFoam contain Penta-BDEs?

A: Fomo Foam contains NO Penta-BDEs as a fire retardant.

Q: What different formulas are available?

A: The 4 available formulas are:

1. Fast Rise: Formulated for surface spraying.

2. E-84 Fire Rated: Formulated as a fast rise product with additional self-extinguishing fire retardants. Used primarily where the foam is going to be exposed in commercial applications that require the E-84 rating be satisfied.

3. Slow Rise: Formulated for safely injecting into closed cavities.

4. 2.5 lb density: Primarily used as a roofing foam, this foam is excellent for use as a roofing foam or for patching roofs or for redirecting water flow on a flat roof or resealing edges and penetrations.

Q: Can FomoFoam be used in outdoor applications?

A: Any Low Pressure Polyurethane foam can be used in outdoor conditions, but it must be painted with any latex paint or other coating to protect it from UV or sunlight, which makes the foam turn bright yellow and brittle.

Q: What is the optimal tank temperature?

Optimal tank temperature for these 2 component kits is 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit. That means the metal tanks should be warm to the touch before and while you are spraying. If the tank temperature falls below 55 degrees F, they won’t spray foam. The temperature of the surface you are spraying or the temperature of the air is not in question. Only the TANK TEMPERATURE is critical. You can warm them up by keeping them next to a heat source or in a warm place overnight. You can also blow hot air from forced air heater onto the tanks for a couple of hours or so before you start. Keep an eye on the tank temps if you are spraying in cold weather. You may have always wanted an infrared thermometer. They are $50 at Sears. If you are spending 4 figures on foam, the infrared thermometer may be a good investment to insure you have the tanks at optimal temperature.

Q: Do the kits come with extra tips?

A: All of these kits come with extra tips. (II-605, II-600 & II-425 come with 7 tips, 4 cone and 3 fan spray patterns. The reason for this is because if you start to spray and stop spraying for more than 45 seconds, the foam inside the nozzle tip will cure and harden. This is not a problem unless you try to spray through a clogged tip. We give you plenty of extras. Use them and there’s no problem. Don’t use them and foam will back up into the gun and throw the pressure ratios off and you will spray flat foam if you can spray any at all. The tips snap on and off easy. You can order extra tips as a suggested item in the shopping cart when you order a kit. Generally, the tips included are all you need unless you anticipate stopping and starting a lot. These kits are very easy to use and effective if you just remember 2 things: Tank Temperature & Change Nozzle Tips.

Q: Can I reuse partially used kits?

A: YES, a part of a kit one day and the rest another day, etc… Say a professional sprays a half a kit at your home and your dog has a litter of pups and you have to play nursemaid and want to have the insulation sprayed another day. This isn’t a problem. You can store a partially used kit for up to 5 or 6 days. Just make sure to take off the old tip, make sure there little cavity is full of petroleum jelly (included with kit) put the old tip back on until you are ready to use it again. When you are ready to start anew, just rock the tanks for a minute or so to mix the propellant well, snap a new tip on, and start spraying again.